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HELP in Playing VIDEOS

This initial draft website is constantly expanding, so come back often!

The videos are principally educational but music plays a large part in mood setting, so the music content is significant, especially under the various cultures/languages sections, as non-English educational videos are hard to find. We appreciate suggestions.

You will find many relaxing, as well as educational, but expect to shed a tear or two with some of them.


If you are not that accustomed to playing videos, the following notes may be helpful.

One needs a program such as Windows Media Player to playback videos or music.

If the picture does not flow smoothly, your software program may be having problems catching up on the download or there is very heavy traffic at the source website.

One solution is to open the video, then PAUSE it. This enables the computer (software) to download more information before it starts actually playing it back.

Reducimg the number of programs you have open may help if the problem is at your end. You may also have insufficient (RAM) memory to keep up with the download - that's a hardware problem.

You may also watch the program at the website itself by clicking on the TITLE (it will be underlined). Here you may also change the size and quality of the video.

Below the picture are video control icons.

On the left there is the play/pause icon; volume control; time - current status/length of video.

On the right you will see the picture quality adjustment (240p - 360 - 480 - 720 pixels etc); followed by a double arrow, at right angles, which allows you to increase or decrease the size of the picture; and an icon with four arrows which can give you full screen coverage. A smaller picture might be necessary at times to get better quality.

Sometimes there are advertisements at the bottom of the screen - hit the "x" to eliminate them.

[UPDATE: All videos have now been enlarged as much as possible on this website]

I hope you enjoy the selections!


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