Sioux Chief Taken Aboard Star Ship

Absence of electric lighting explained!

Star Knowledge Conferences website. This video shown on YouTube

BBC Superpower Promo

The BBC Superpower website. This video shown on YouTube

An unexpected Visit from ETs

Invisible ETs

Talessian - Invisible ETs, Pt 1 of 2

Talessian describes his initial awakening to a non-human heritage.

Talessian - Invisible ETs, Pt 2 of 2

Triangle UFO Formation
Apple Valley, CA - June 4, 2012

Source for comment
MUFON Case #38886: My husband and I were standing on the porch which faces east at approximately 10.38pm on 4th June, 2012. We observed 2 orange orbs side by side. Within seconds there were 3 in the shape of a triangle. My husband ran into the house to get the video camera. The orbs changed from 2 to 3. Then another one appeared to the right of the original 3, and the first 3 disappeared. From the 2nd orb, 3 more appeared and he continued to film.

The video basically shows it all. The actual event lasted around 15 minutes, even though the video footage runs for just over 9 minutes. We did miss some of the first few minutes, and also edited out the focusing of the objects.

These objects appeared above the horizon in an easterly direction over Apple Valley, CA.

A similar sighting occurred withing two hours of this one in Colorado Springs, CO. {See below - Milson]

I think this depicts the most likely reaction of an Earthling to our visitors ......!

UFOs Near NORAD in SW Colorado Springs, CO

Strange Light formations in the skies near NORAD @ Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, CO. Taken on 6/4/12 around 8 pm

Awesome UFO Sighting May 20th 2012
Stouffville Ontario Canada "

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary:
Full Uncut Version 2013 HD
(video - 42 minutes)

NZ Nightskies - UFOs, 22.05.2012

I'm in the Rotorua Region close to Tauranga ..... Please watch my latest upload ... for realtime & slow motion captures.

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