- 21st Century HEALING -

Attending an ET Healing Center will be one of the major healing options
used in the Golden Age, until healing is no longer required.

Healing with the help of alien physicians and surgeons was introduced in recent times
by Adrian Dvir and has spread out across the world, but so far without coordination.
In Canada we suggest contacting "Z and Z" by e-mail for an appointment.
No physical presence is required.

Attending an ET Healing Centre

There is a holy stillness in the air. When holy stillness fills the air, the pressure is felt by the physical ears. On many summer days this stillness can be felt when one is surrounded by trees. It occurs at the time when "day" is finished, and "evening" begins. Not a leaf stirs, the birds are quiet, dogs do not bark. Everyone is listening. Change occurs during silence. Then about 15 minutes later, the leaves begin to rustle again, birds chirp softly, and there is movement.

This is how it is with a healing at the ET Center. The etheric body, attended by loving, caring souls, is carried to the healing center (whichever it is) and the client is handed over to the professional medical team.

Emotional healing is usually done at the I AM Center on the 12th Dimension. Changes in personality are made off to one side of the I AM Center, at Enoch's Command Post. The client agrees to sojourn to that Post for 12 consecutive sessions. He begins at the first Element, which is always LOVE AND TRUST. Every human being attending at Enoch's Command Post must begin at that Element, and remain there until these attributes are fully acquired. The client then moves on to the next Element. All Elements beyond the First Element are selected by the client. In other words, he chooses which positive personality trait he will acquire next. No time is spent on removing a negative trait, because it drops off when the positive trait is acquired.

It may take one month, 12 years, or a lifetime to complete the 12 Elements. When growth and advancement are complete, the client has achieved, and may go on to future projects.
(Helen Engel)

On Sending Healing

There are many ways to send healing. One is through the light/thought/heart/third eye light beam. There are other methods. A dying person may be healed simply by lifting him to the 6th Dimension. A chronically ill person may be healed when she realizes that hope is possible. The change in her belief system will bring about a healing.

There are those of us who serve, although we are not seen by physical eyes. In some ways our healing is even greater than yours. However, our healing cannot occur unless vibrations at the level [or near] the one to be healed, are dominant. A miraculous healing (or one that some would describe as miraculous) occurs when every facet of the physical, the angelic, the advanced avatar level, are joined together. Those on Earth send the vibration of love. Those in the Elemental Kingdom brush away bits of ego, fear, doubt, resentment. They send rainbow colors, which nullify the negative vibration. The angels draw the etheric body unto themselves. The etheric bodies blend, and in this blending all negativity melts, or melds into the rainbow and is never felt again.

When Creator becomes aware that all steps to such a healing have been followed, the Golden Column of Light is directed around the healers as well as the one being healed. This Light can be seen by the angels and by the elementals. They remain silent in awe of the grandeur, as this vibrating, glowing, Golden Light transforms every frequency that it touches. And thus a miraculous healing takes place.

When there is a great need that one particular Lightworker remain in a stable condition in order to be able to fulfill a few assignments, the Creator allows very powerful modes of healing to take place. This may occur on any occasion, with the dissolution of all negative vibrations and the instilling of peace.
(Helen Engel)

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